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Science360 is the app we wish we had when we were in school. It explains scientific concepts by giving immersive examples — instead of having to imagine hypothetical situations, you can actually experience them within VR environments. In the experience the developers created for VR Jam, they illustrated the “Special Theory of Relativity.”


Its been such an amazing journey in creating our Gear VR app. We had an incredible team in telling the most complicated subject in science using VR.

Science360 explains scientific concepts using the vast 360 canvas that Gear VR® offers. This app makes it easy to visualize scientific concepts in the most efficient, enjoyable way possible. We have chosen to explain “Special Theory of Relativity” for VR Jam, using immersive examples to demonstrate each concept within relativity. This makes the app useful, fun, and interactive at the same time.

We plan on exploring many more concepts in-depth through Gear VR® such as quantum physics, fluid dynamics, and photo electricity. By removing the word “imagine” from hypothetical situations and placing viewers inside a beautifully rendered, imaginative world, Science360 becomes a first-of-its-kind experience.

Our app aims to educate people of all ages with understandable, fun demonstrations. These 360 VR ‘lessons’ transform textbook concepts into accurate, visceral experiences. You may find yourself falling at the speed of light or entering an enhanced, slow-motion environment where the intricate details of physics are laid out clearly. Accompanying voiceover guides users with peppy, clear, and concise explanations. The app implements a toon-world approach that makes education visually engaging for a broad age range.

VRJAM Description :

CONTROLS – The GEAR VR touch-pad is used to select and tap on options. Use the back button to get the menu and just gaze and tap on the Gear VR touchpad to select any option.

MECHANICS – This app allows viewers to sit back, hit the play button, and learn. We have a voice over which explains each scene. For quizzes, viewers will nod or shake their heads to answer questions. KNOWN ISSUE: Please give a few seconds between scenes for loading the scene. We currently do not have a loading screen between scenes.

INNOVATION – This is the first time a scientific concept will utilize the 360 space. Since relativity is based on your frame of reference, we make sure to use that notion to its full potential in this app. We came up with new innovative examples that were never before used to explain relativity.

This app also includes a nod/shake VR Mechanic that allows users to nod ‘yes’ in response to a test question or shake their heads to answer ‘no.’ Perks like these will emphasize the immersive power of education through 360 VR.

Based on the response the app receives, we plan to design more apps that help explain complex scientific concepts.

APK INSTALL NOTE: This app installed and worked perfectly in our Note 4 device after removing the SD card. Please check this discussion https://forums.oculus.com/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=22894

Please check out the app here http://vrjam.challengepost.com/submissions/36773-science360



Production company : Prologue VR
Produced by : Kimberly Cooper
Project Lead : Vivek Reddy
Project adviser : Michael Fisher
Voice over : Jim Pierce
Art and set design : Ilya Abulkhanov
Illustrations : Andrew Douglas
Writer : Nick Fanego
AE animation : Evan Ausmus
Music : Dylan Harper
Editing : Evan Ausmus
Script supervisor : Michael Fisher
Concept : Vivek Reddy



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