This has been the question of my existential crisis, it had to be answered someday by someone and my understanding saw light very very recently ,felt that it should be shared with the world.

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I wanted to share this viewpoint from my own perspective , about how I got to this conclusion , so that you can see how the examples make sense. I would like to give the full summary of life in 6 POINTS, 6 very very important points .

5.Others Experience

Before I continue further and explain further about these 6 points ,I would like to thank my cat for this enlightenment 😉 My cat has a big role to play because I have compared myself to my cat quiet a lot of times. Here is a picture of my cat, it has a very high dignity and self respect (not like other cats which show attitude)

The summary of this blog in a single line is “Life is nothing but a collection of experiences”, that is it ! Which means POINT 4 is all life is. The reason why the other 5 points exist is to make this complete. You will understand how all this connects only at the end of this article. The points are numbered in a definite order , because any point is possible only if the previous point is achieved. That’s the amazing thing hiding in these 6 points. So, let me start .

1.BODY : As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts , your body is a totally different entity and you need to take care of it with very good gear, be it exercise , quality of food , diet , this should be done with utmost care , your body needs you to help it, so that it can do its job properly.


2.MIND : In the previous blogs I have mentioned how humans are a slave to their mind , which means you need to first get the control of your mind to stay in the current moment, this has to be achieved before you move on to the next set of points. You have to meditate and do all possible things you can to help make your mind stay in the current moment. Note that if your body is not right you wont even be able to mediate properly or stay in the current moment. Every point in this blog is connected. If your body is suffering from pain, you just want the pain to go away and will not be in a position of control the mind.


3.YOU : Its only when you take care of your body and mind and when you can keep them totally under your control, you will be complete and you can call yourself happy , when someone asks or calls you and asks you “How are you doing ?” , its only if the above 2 points are checked , you should say “I am doing well”, the reason why people even ask how are you doing ? Is just a reminder for you to make sure that your body and mind are sane and under your control.


4.EXPERIENCES : There is no point in even reading this , if the above 3 points are not met, but the reality is experiences is what life is “Life is nothing but a combination of experiences” , as I had mentioned earlier. Here are examples of experiences :

– Driving next to a ocean – Is a experience
– Dating someone you like – Is a experience
– Understanding stars and watching them – Is a experience
– Eating ice cream when cold – Is a experience
– Someone insulting you in public – Is a experience
– Watching a movie – Is a experience
– Watching a terrible bad movie – Is a experience
– Breaking up with someone – Is a experience
– Loosing the job you liked – Is a experience
– Singing a song is a moving train – Is a experience
– Turbulence is a blue sky – Is a experience

I can keep going, there are billions of them , but the summary is whatever you do is a experience , the main difference is my cat can have a possible of 10 different experiences in its lifetime that it wants due to its limited level of conciousness , but a human can a infinite number of combination of experiences, that’s what makes us so different and unique on this planet .

Assume you go to Iceland for a vacation and the reason you went there was for experiencing, but you end up thinking what was happening in your relationship or work for quite a while, you lost the experience that you went for. You never experienced the full experience of Iceland as you did not have your mind in the current moment and it was travelling in its own space. Many do this and end up not getting the experience at all.


5. OTHERS EXPERIENCES : Point number 4 and point number 5 are very very closely related to each other. Assume you are having a experience like “Driving in your car to work”, So this is a experience , in order for this experience to happen for you , someone worked on the shirt you are wearing, the boots you are wearing, the steering wheel you are holding was done by someone , so what I am trying to say here is , for that experience to happen hundreds of humans have contributed to give you that experience.

The fact that your experience is possible because of others work, means as a human you should also work towards giving someone else an experience that they can enjoy ! If you do this honestly and with dedication , the society will reward you to have more experiences , for example if you are selling vegetables, means you are helping someone buy vegetables to have a good dinner, you are helping in their experience of dinner, for which they will pay you money , which you will use to watch a movie , another experience for you, hence this a very beautiful cycle.

Sometimes in the process of creating others experiences , you will also be having wonderful experiences. So this part goes back and forth a lot.


6.DEATH : In this final part , everyone should remember that their average healthy life span in 25000 days , someone who did not the follow the above 5 points, will usually be regretting a lot, they don’t find a valid reason to live, and will say that the reason why they are in death bed is because of other people who cheated them and they will find so many reasons to blame others and will ask the creator why me, I was such a nice person to you, why did you do this to me.

Whereas a person who had followed the 5 points will say ” Oh ! Dear creator , thank you for the wonderful experiences, all the pain, all the misery you showed me in this life, it has been such a crazy ride, you have though me so much through these experiences , I thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience all of this in one lifetime and I am happy and ready to die”, this person would probably even say this with a smiling face.


And will gracefully depart the body from this planet !

I believe this summary completes all the questions. Because any question you ask will come under one of these points !

Thank you for taking time and if you like this reasoning please do help spread the word.



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