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I wanted to write this blog from past one year, but kept delaying as I was not sure about how much I should be believing in it. But with the help of books, opinions, forums and podcasts, I think writing this blog now actually makes sense. To start off, if you had read my previous blog about how body, mind and consciousness are different. I am extending that theory to classify humans based on consciousness in an easy to understand manner.

If you have not read the previous blog post, I would highly recommend reading that before coming into this topic. Here is the link to Part 1 :

Now, we as humans classify each other based on race, religion, income and others. Which is why today we ended up with all the unique problems of black versus white, Hindus versus Muslims and many such conflicts all around the world, which I am not even aware of.

I want us to take a step back, zoom out of earth and look at earth from the lower Earth orbit. Just like in the picture below. I would encourage you to stare at the below image for a few seconds, just observe the whole of this earth, our beautiful planet and imagine all the creatures living in this wonderful planet.

So, as per my understanding I would like to classify all the living animals based on consciousness / awareness. This word is very crucial to understand whatever I am typing further. You have to make sure you understand what consciousness actually means, in simple words I would say the maturity of questioning that your inner voice has. If you want me to be more clear, when you are in a complicated situation , you can feel a inner voice that literally speaks to you and says ” hey , you should go for it ” , this is the real YOU and I refer to this as consciousness.

Now, take a deep breath and I will start with levels of consciousness :

1st level of consciousness :

So there are trillions of animals on this planet, when an animal is born , when it stays in the same place , it eats and it dies there itself, all these animals are in first level of consciousness. Examples can be amoeba, bacteria and virus. Now these were the first species on earth and they all lived for millions of years and are still living. It is important you understand how animals evolved as they lived on this planet. 

2nd level of consciousness:

Among these animals some of the them, in order to get their food, will go from point A to point B , just for the purpose of eating food and living a life, all these animals are in 2nd level of consciousness. They have actually evolved to 2nd level of consciousness! This means that whenever an animal gets navigation capabilities it has entered 2nd level of consciousness / awareness. Examples include flies that live less than one day or probably some basic invertebrates.

3rd level of consciousness:

Now things become amazing, as soon as an animal which was living happily and just eating and travelling, once it starts thinking about next day or the future it has entered third level of consciousness. This is one of most amazing levels of consciousness, because according to what I see a vast majority of animals around us are in 3rd level of consciousness.

Yes, we humans think a lot about future and from my understanding about 98% of mankind currently are in 3rd level of consciousness. Not just humans, even birds are building nests to lay their eggs in the future, they are aware of the future. Everything you see around you ants, dogs, cats, fishes, leopards have all evolved to 3rd level of consciousness.When I see my cat, I often say to myself, my buddy is in 3rd level of consciousness, because she plans very meticulously on where to rise her kittens while she is pregnant.


Please watch this below video trailer from Planet Earth 2, it sets the mood for you to appreciate all the animals in this video which have evolved to 3rd level of consciousness just like we humans.


Alright, so everyone happy, that’s it! I am done.


Here is the catch, why did I say 98% of humans are in 3rd level of consciousness. This has quite a lot of explanation to do, for which I need to explain the further levels of consciousness. Yes, there are further levels!! Things are going to get mind blowing from now on.

4th level of consciousness:

So, now that these animals are in 3rd level of consciousness, a few animals will gain the ability to question things around them. What am I living in? How did this planet form? Where did all this water, soil come from? What am I made of, just atoms? What is outside this earth? So many questions. These people get so troubled by these questions, some do cry! Because not many answer these questions and which is why religions were born to give modulated answers. As soon as these animals gain this questioning ability, we can say they have entered 4th level of consciousness.

Play the below audio track from Interstellar. You can feel more about this topic as you read further !


If you are someone who just reads news on space and says wow, don’t consider yourself to be in 4th level of consciousness. The people I am talking about actually take this personally,they spend their entire lives, a PhD guy who studies one star for 15 years of his life, a scientist at Very large array (VLA) who keeps looking out of earth for nearly 55 years to see how everything was even made. This question of what is all this bothers them so much that they go on to create so many amazing things that NASA, ISRO are all doing. Since in my generation there are so many science fiction followers and so much energy and following for space news and EXO planet discoveries, I am assuming at least 2% of humans have entered 4th level of consciousness. I also have a reason for my assumption on how I ended up with this number, which I will explain later. So, like I mentioned I believe majority of the astronomers and other fellow humans who are extremely passionate about this, will be searching for answers outside our earth or in our earth within the atoms and molecules that make up matter.


Phew! That was quite a long explanation. Here we go again!

5th level of consciousness:

Yes there is 5th level! From what I am observed after people try to seek answers outside, many times they will find stuff, new planets, new galaxies, new life forms, but then after all the searching and scouting everywhere, a few will realize that the reality that they are seeing is all just a fabrication happening inside their mind. Then these people will start looking inside their minds for answers. When people realize that their minds are the true reality and that is the path to find the true consciousness source, they have entered 5th level consciousness.

This might sound non-sense for quite a few of this generation, but this is absolutely and insanely true. Once you realize the power of your mind and the infinite capabilities it has, you have gained an extreme power, which is very rare! Many of the spiritual leaders of our world are people who are in 5th level of consciousness. Some try to explain in proper words, some don’t bother even explaining and just proceed with their life. Some of the most famous personalities I believe who live/lived in 5th level of consciousness are:

  • Sadhguru
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
  • Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Author of power of now
  • Ramana maharishi
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Christopher Nolan (He won’t be making a film like inception or interstellar if he is not aware of this)

Many more amazing people . The person below is Swami Vivekananda. I am glad I got a name after this amazing person ! 


If you are not a believer of 5th level of consciousness , try the below guided meditation and test it out for yourselves.


India has been in the forefront of this , yoga and meditation will help you to attain 5th level of consciousness and it was being practiced from quite a long time in India .

So, the above are the levels of consciousness that I understand so far. Now for some more important questions to answer in regards to above:

1) Why am I assuming that 98% of humans are in 3rd level of consciousness?

According to me the answer is fairly straightforward, every animal when it is born will go through the stages of consciousness as it evolves. As we humans were born, we also went through the long evolution process to be where we are today. But the important point to note is we are currently in the process of making our day to day needs to be met. Which is, we need food, fodder and shelter to even live a life first, so majority of us in this society are in a path to fulfill our basic necessities, in the process of living that life we don’t get to think about the other levels of consciousness
nor many people will have time to do it. This is one of the fundamental reasons why this process is slow. Even in my own case , if I was not sure of earning food for the next 5 years, I would have probably focused just on that, but as soon as my consciousness grew in confidence of living a life anywhere under any circumstances, the fear was out and I was able to start researching and go deeper into these thought. I myself did evolve from a farming family !

2) How did I validate my above theory ?

I need not validate my theory, it’s my belief and I totally believe in it. But communicating this to another human being can be quite hard and I ended up speaking about all this to my neuroscience specialist grandfather, who is also a spiritual expert, and he liked the above classification and did say it’s a nice way to explain to humans.

3) So, is this all about consciousness, 5 levels and that’s it ?

Unfortunately, NO. This is my current awareness. My guess is there might be 60 or 100 or 10000 levels of consciousness, I can’t really say what they are, but that is why we have a life, to discover more on this. Each day is going to be amazing as you will uncover more details regarding this.

4) Why is this topic so important ?

I find this information to be extremely important to all of human beings, it’s only when all of mankind goes to higher levels of consciousness is when we can solve the nonsense that is happening on Earth. We are acting as a disgrace to this planet. A bunch of idiots created religions and borders because they did not have a better job to do and now we are fighting for them as if we are attached to it, like idiots. Some people ask me if I will settle in India or if I will settle in US, I reply back saying, you are asking me a dumb question. I belong to earth, I was born on this planet and this planet is ours. I don’t belong to any country or religion.

Imagine if all the terrorism can be stopped, if those humans could classify based on the above levels of consciousness, how much of hatred and greed can be stopped. Every kid and every school should probably brain wash kids with this.

This video actually summarizes how I feel about all this. The music track , editing everything goes with what the world is going through right now, the best part is this below title sequence was made by my wonderful colleagues at Prologue films.


5) Important learning point

Learn to be satisfied and content in life, the above should give everyone an idea on purpose of life, if you worried being in a relationship, had a breakup, lost a loved one, failed in career, or any problem that’s haunting your mind right now, read this blog again and again. When you feel down, do come back and read this again until your mind tunes to this wavelength of thinking!

I am excited for the learning that lies ahead of me and thanks to life for giving me this opportunity to understand it thus far. I am on that mission of learning and I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much I enjoyed writing my thoughts. If you have any more info to add, please reply back below and I will be happy to give my opinions.

Thanks! Please leave your feedback and comments below and share your perspectives. Have a great day!

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