My new PIXEL XL needed some hard work ! So, it saw the real world and this is what it captured for me.

I have to mention the following facts, because I feel so delightful to talk about it !

  • All the clips are shot on PIXEL XL and it was all hand held.
  • It was a 4 hour event and I captured 140 minutes of footage on my PIXEL
  • This video song was edited under 24 hours in Premiere pro.
  • I was shooting continuously at 120 FPS and switching to 4k all the time.
  • It was extremely useful to re-frame all the 4k footage.
  • Best part was PIXEL XL Battery and Performance testing.
  • I took a UBER from Culver city to Redondo Beach back and forth, with GPS on , then shot the video for nearly 4 hours. I had 2% battery when I returned home, it was quiet amazing to see such a brilliant battery performance. All in a single charge. Oh yeah I also went for hiking that morning !
  • And I was using Galaxy s7 before PIXEL, it was always getting heated up when using camera, PIXEL was smooth as butter and did not have any noticeable heat issues at all.

And then the happiest part is all the footage is in cloud at original quality for FREE !

Thank you so much GOOGLE !

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