For many  projects, we might need to use the sony reticle plugin for Maya 2014 for its brilliant camera interface, my goal was to build this plugin inside visual studio. Below is the quick summary of notes on how to build Sony reticle for Maya 2014 using Visual studio 2012. Download from below :

This is inside Visual studio 2012

I added these to reduce the errors :
In openGLrenderer.h add this gl\glext.h
#if defined (OSMac_MachO_)
#      include <OpenGL/gl.h>
#      include <GL/GL.h>
#include <gl\glext.h>
And then I need to define NOMINMAX . Add this to pre-processor directives , doing this tell visual studio not to use its  min and max ,but that it should use the ones in std .
#define SOURCE_MEL_SCRIPT       true   in defines.h  making it to 1
also in defines.h make it       #define USE_MUIDRAWMANAGER       0
In OpenGLrender.cpp 
change this 
    FROM THIS      TextureGlyph *glyphs[numChars] ;
       TO      vector< TextureGlyph*> glyphs(numChars);
        //TextureGlyph *glyphs[] = new TextureGlyph[numChars] ;
    FROM THIS   double kerning[numChars];
     TO  std:: vector< double> kerning(numChars);
        //double *kerning = new double[numChars];
        //double kerning= new double[numChars];